Initial Sense of the Term “Protestantism”: A Historical and Philosophical Study
Initial Sense of the Term “Protestantism”: A Historical and Philosophical Study
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The aim of the authors is the historical and philosophical verification of the Barthesian methodological technique of extrapolation of linguistic methods of analysis on the subject area of the philosophy and history of religion. The main task is to validate the possibility of using Barthesian semiology in the fields the history of religion and religious studies on the basis of the material coming from the field of Anglican and Protestant theology. The methodology includes comparative, historical-linguistic, and semantic analysis. The object of such a complex analysis is the semantic field (or the area of meanings) of the concept of "Protestantism». Using wide historical material, the authors demonstrate how, in the course of time, "degree zero" concepts and their "predicative" forms acquire meanings different from the original ones. A comparative analysis of some theological doctrines of Lutheranism, Calvinism, and Anglicanism using eight most representative parameters of comparison, such as authenticity, sufficiency, and clarity of Scripture; attitude to the Bloodless Sacrifice; recognition of the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharistic elements; Church polity; Apostolic succession; Ordination, reveals the uniqueness of the historical phenomenon of the Church of England. The data obtained by the authors using the methodology of historical semantics and Barthesian semiology allow to draw a conclusion about the need to revise the classification criteria of the historical taxonomy of Christian confessions and denominations, identifying Anglicanism and of the Church of England into a separate taxon different from both Catholicism and ‘Protestantism’.

Об авторах
Davydov Ivan
Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Ivan Fadeyev
Senior Research Fellow
Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences

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