The UK Priorities in the Indo-Pacific
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The UK Priorities in the Indo-Pacific
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The article explores the strategic objectives of the UK foreign policy against the backdrop of the international system transformation. The concept of “Global Britain” as a response to the changing international environment in the context of Brexit envisages the UK new international role beyond the Euro-Atlantic. The UK declared the Indo-Pacific as a top priority and set to develop an active policy in the area of two oceans with the aim of determining the regional power balance in the new mega-region. The author concludes that the main strategic objective of the UK in the Indo-Pacific is to maintain its significant role in world politics and international trade considering the power shift to Asia. London seeks to strengthen its position through bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the Quad members (the US, Japan, India, Australia). Moreover, London pledged to enhance its military presence in the region “East of Suez” and open new military bases in South-East Asia. The cornerstone of the UK policy in the Indo-Pacific is the special relationship with the US. Likewise, the UK position is affected by the so-called “Chinese dilemma”. The cautious tactic of London towards China doesn’t correspond with the position of the key regional actors whose main strategic aim is to deter Beijing. Nevertheless, London can face serious challenges on the Asian track due to the absence of a full-fledged strategy towards the Indo-Pacific along with increased extra-regional competition.
Об авторах
Kira A. Godovanyuk
Leading Researcher, Centre for British Studies, Department for Country Studies, Institute of Europe RAS
Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences
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