German-Swedish Relations in the Modern Period
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German-Swedish Relations in the Modern Period
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The article provides insight into the military-political prerequisites for deepening cooperation between Germany and Sweden. The author explores the increasing role of the Kingdom of Sweden in German foreign policy planning (primarily in the sphere of international security) since the mid 2010’s. The article also highlights the issues of multilateral negotiating platforms with joint participation, the coordination between Germany and Sweden in the sphere of the armed conflicts resolution in the unstable African and Asian states (particularly in Mali). It is concluded that Germany is interested in Sweden to stay formally outside NATO. The author discusses the features and problems of bilateral trade-economic cooperation, including the questions of military-technical cooperation. The argues that the potential Swedish pivot to the USA is undesirable for Germany in terms of ensuring its growing ambitions as a power within the Euro-Atlantic regional subsystem and at the global level.
Об авторах
Philipp Trunov
Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Europe and America, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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