“Historical truth is a very sad thing”: Alexander von Humboldt’s correspondence with S. S. Uvarov
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“Historical truth is a very sad thing”: Alexander von Humboldt’s correspondence with S. S. Uvarov
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The birth anniversary of a prominent German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt will be celebrated in September 2019. The history of comprehensive studies of his epistolary heritage in Russia dates back to the 1950s when, in the course of several years of extensive research, the scholars from the Institute for the History of Science and Technology discovered more than two hundred letters in many archives across the country. These letters were partly published in 1962. Previously unknown letters from the German traveler to S. S. Uvarov, Minister of Public Education and President of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, are published here by the authors of this paper. To make the picture complete, this publication includes the abstracts of previously published documents. The friendly communication between these two statespersons began in 1829 when von Humboldt visited different Russian regions on an invitation of the Russian Government. During more than two decades, he had been regularly informing his addressee in St. Petersburg about scientific achievements, sending him books and articles, and sharing his opinions on the works by his St. Petersburg vis-à-vis. He consulted Uvarov several times, recommending German specialists for working at the Russian scientific centers. Many of those specialists, having successfully assimilated into their new homeland, became outstanding scientists and made significant contributions to the development of science in our country.
Об авторах
Andrey Skrydlov
Saint Petersburg Branch of the Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences

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