German-Russian Company for Air Transport Deruluft (In Commemoration of Its Centennial)
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German-Russian Company for Air Transport Deruluft (In Commemoration of Its Centennial)
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This article describes the history of creation and operation of the German-Russian company for air transport, the Deruluft airline. It launched its operation with the first international air line in Soviet Russia, an airlink between Moscow and Königsberg, and new lines were opened subsequently. Deruluft mostly used German aircrafts; Soviet aircrafts were also used although to a lesser extent. The aircrews included both German and RSFR (USSR) citizens. Deruluft operated for 15 years and was dissolved for political reasons. The airline’s activities had promoted the development of the Soviet civil aviation and training of skilled cadre of Soviet professionals.
Об авторах
Dmitrii Sobolev
S. I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences

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