Lin Yutang as My Role Model / transl. from Engl. by A. Skomorochov
Lin Yutang as My Role Model / transl. from Engl. by A. Skomorochov
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Lin Yutang is for me a role model of how to live in our contemporary global world. He lived and was educated in Asia, America, and Europe, and he tried to integrate the best virtues of all these cultures. He never forgot his Chinese roots, but in his philosophy of life he was truly cosmopolitan. Lin put the special emphasis on education. Working himself as a teacher for many years, he criticized the formal education in our schools, which is based on memorization and repetition, as well as on constantly testing and grading students. Lin argued that the proper task of education is to stimulate thinking and the development of an independent personality. He was also opposed to over-specialized education and urged for the development of a well-rounded human being. A properly educated and cultivated human being shows good taste in all situations and conduct. The best way toward developing such a well-rounded and cultivated person is through the reading of classical literature. Lin himself was an admirer of classical literature and a person who wrote essays, short stories, and novels. In his view, literature evokes our sense of wonder at the universe and at human life. Lin’s philosophy of life and education can help us make our students — and ourselves — better human beings and better citizens of our globalized world.

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Predrag Cicovacki
College of the Holy Cross

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