Ukraine in foreign policy interests of the U.S.
Ukraine in foreign policy interests of the U.S.
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In the U.S. foreign policy strategy Ukraine is not on the list of priorities. At the same time, the motives of America's active involvement in resolving the political crisis in Ukraine are determined by the common strategic objectives of the United States to strengthen European security, transatlantic unity and develop a common strategy with European allies that would ensure Russia's counteraction to the implementation of its policy in the post-Soviet space. Continuing to accuse Moscow of supporting the armed conflict in Ukraine, the United States is determined to prolong cooperation with Russia to achieve an acceptable consensus for them to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. In general, the approach implemented by the D. Trump administration today is based on the same notorious "zero-sum game" strategy, which the West often accused Rus-sia of using. The benefits of its implementation for the development of Ukraine and other post-Soviet States are very doubtful, since in fact this approach involves the destruction of socio-economic and military-political ties with Russia and their replacement by relations with Euro-Atlantic institutions, without taking into account national specifics.

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Ekaterina Anashkina
Senior Researcher
Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies, RAS

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