Post-Crisis Resolution in Afghanistan (NATO‘s Resolute Support Mission)
Post-Crisis Resolution in Afghanistan (NATO‘s Resolute Support Mission)
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The article examines the role of the United States, the United Nations and NATO in the post-crisis resolution in Afghanistan. In accordance with the decisions of the Chicago Summit (2012), which were reaffirmed at the Wales Summit (2014), NATO-led Resolute Support Mission was started on January 1, 2015. It also obtained the United Nations mandate. At the initial period the international support, both financial and political, as well as security assistance continued. At the Warsaw Summit allies decided to keep supporting the coalition mission beyond 2016, through political dialogue and practical cooperation. The author paid attention to the role and impact of the U.S. Congress on policy- and decision-making of the Obama Administration on the situation in Afghanistan. The American diplomatic efforts have resulted in the engagement of the international community and the key nations of the region to stabilize the situation in this country. The USAID projects on the development of trade, economic, energy integration and business relations are in the focus of investigation. The International Contact Group of Special envoys on Afghanistan and Pakistan from more than 50 countries was established in the second Obama presidency to coordinate their efforts on the Afghan reconstruction and reconciliation. The paper touches upon the affect of inconsequent position of Pakistan on regional instability.

Об авторах
Lelya Zolotova
Senior Research Fellow
Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISKRAN)

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