Lobbying of the Turkish Interests in the U.S.A. in 2018
Lobbying of the Turkish Interests in the U.S.A. in 2018
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The author analyzes the structure of the Turkish lobby in the U.S., PR and GR support of the main political and economic interests of Turkey. The activities of the Turkish-American Cau-cus in the Congress and some Turkish-American NGOs are also considered. Sources of primary information are reports of a registered foreign agents in accordance with The Foreign Agents Registration Act, 1938. There are three main directions of lobbying the Turkish interests in the U.S.: firstly, the economic interests related to the decision of the Trump's administration to raise tariffs on a Turkey's steel and aluminum; secondly, some foreign policy problems arisesd after the offensive of the Turkish forces in Syria on the territory of the Kurds supported by the United States, willing of Turkey to pur-chase the Russia's C-400 ground-to-air missiles leads to a discord between NATO allies and Turkey, and also the White House and the Turkish opposition blames Erdogan's regime for violation of human rights and civil freedoms; thirdly, Turkey and the U.S. face tough decisions on relations after President Erdogan aims to eliminate preacher Gulen that is hiding in the U.S., and accused by the Turkish authorities of involvement in the attempted coup in Turkey in 2016. The author's conclusion is that the attempts to lobby the Turkish interests with the obvious tensions between Trump and Erdogan have little chance of success. As it is known, Turkey was a political competition tool for the U.S. and USSR in era. But nowadays President Er-dogan tries to revise patron-client state relationship with the U.S. Moreover the Turkey's inter-ests have not been represented by lobbyists in a way that does not contradict the U.S. interests. Only the delivery information to the lawmakers doesn't guarantee to desirable decisions.

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Dmitriy B. Grafov
Senior Research Fellow
The Institute of Oriental studies, RAS

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