An Eminent French-Canadian Poet Emile Nélligan
An Eminent French-Canadian Poet Emile Nélligan
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Emile Nélligan (1879-1941) is a symbol of the Québec literature. The formation of his poetic genius was influenced toa considerable extent byhis family and environment, and the tragedy of his short writing career caused by anillness evoked an everlasting distress among his readers. Having reconfirmed the thesis of self-sufficiency the Québec culture, the works of Emile Nélligan have become one more pillar of preserving the French language in North America and an important link among the different generations of the French-Canadians. With the interest in the poet's biography and his writings never ceasing, there are new literary translations of his poems appearing in the USA, Europe and Russia; made both by famous professional ranslators and amateurs.

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