А Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Strategies of Russia and the USA (2016 - 2019) amid Discussions on а New Cold War
А Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Strategies of Russia and the USA (2016 - 2019) amid Discussions on а New Cold War
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The article deals with the comparative analysis of foreign policy strategies of Russia and the USA (from 2016 onwards) in order to fully examine the current state of the U.S.-Russia relations that is often referred to as the new Cold War. Thus, the author makes an attempt to discern the main similarities and differences of their bilateral dialogue in the era of bipolar confrontation and now so as to evaluate the applicability of the term “the Cold War” to the present-day rivalry between the two states. As a result, the author pays attention to the fact that although the current bilateral relations are distinct from the ones they pursued in the times of “the Cold War”, which finds its manifestation in their altered role in international relations, the growing asymmetry of their mutual capacities, the absence of bloc or ideological confrontation etc., the two historical periods in question have a handful of similarities, such as the absence of direct military conflict, the U.S. and Russian nuclear primacy, the climate of reciprocal distrust, sanctions, the ubiquity of bilateral conflict and a limited degree of cooperation. Moreover, the main aspect that allows to draw historical parallels between the two eras is the antagonism of both state’s foreign policy strategies that reveals itself in antithetic positions on a wide range of international agenda issues. Nevertheless, the author comes to the conclusion that the applicability of the term “the Cold War” to the present-day bilateral relations between the two states appears to be some-what limited due to the altered context of world politics that surround the dialogue between the USA and Russia amid the emergence of a multipolar world, the rise of China, an ongoing globalization and other tendencies that have arisen in international relations in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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Alexander Bobrov

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