The Islamist movement and Arabic crisis in context of the contemporary tendencies of the society development
The Islamist movement and Arabic crisis in context of the contemporary tendencies of the society development
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The paper explores the crisis manifestations in the social, economic, political and religious spheres of the Arab world. The protest movements of the “Arab Spring”, the crashes of the ruler regimes in some Arabic countries and the subsequent increasing of the Islamic movements, including their radical currents are the clearest of these manifestations. The influence of the world financial and economical crisis and the turning for the worse the social and economical problems in leading Western countries on the negative tendencies in the Arab-Moslem world is analyzed. The paper clears up the increasing of the Islamist ideology in the Arab-Moslem world and in the Moslem communities in the Europe and reinforcement of the radical Islamism.

Об авторах
Boris Dolgov
Leading Research Fellow
Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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