“Somali syntax” in USSR, RF and USA
“Somali syntax” in USSR, RF and USA
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The book Somali Syntax by Alexander Zholkovsky was published by the Moscow publishing house “Nauka” in 1971. At that time The Somali Republic, which gained independence in 1960, was already following the path of “scientific socialism”. Relations between the USSR and Somalia in all areas expanded and became stronger.

Based on the application of modern methods of linguistic research, the author discovers the laws of the structure of complex and simple sentences, dividing for this purpose the Somali syntax into two levels – deep and surface.

Somali Syntax was reissued in 2007, already in the “new” Russia, i.e. RF (Russian Federation). By this time Somalia, which had experienced a protracted civil war, had disintegrated and A.Zholkovsky had moved to the United States and distanced himself from Somali studies.

In June 2020, I became aware that Somali Syntax, without the knowledge of its author, had been translated into English. The translation was posted on https://archive.org/details/DTIC_ADA091302. On its front page, I found the name and the surname of the translator, Emery W. Tetrault. Simple searches on the Internet allowed me to discover his a 40-year career with the National Security Agency (NSA).

The translation of the book was completed in 1979, and most likely started a year earilier. It was then that Somalia was defeated in the war with Ethiopia over Ogaden. In that conflict, the USSR supported Ethiopia, which resulted in a sharp cooling of Soviet-Somali relations. This probably enhanced the interest of the American special services in Somalia and prompted their employees to start mastering its language.

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