Russian Legal Framework for Digital Financial Assets
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Russian Legal Framework for Digital Financial Assets
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The article is devoted to the new Russian law on digital financial assets. The adoption of this law was an important step towards the formation of a legal framework for cryptoassets in Russia. Four types of legal framework models for crypto-assets around the world are identified: adaptation, fragmentary, experimental, and innovative. The Russian model of the legal framework for digital financial assets is close to an innovative model. The article analyses legal definitions of new legal concepts, such as "digital rights", "digital financial assets" and "digital currency". They represent different types of cryptoassets and are considered  property under Russian civil law. A special legal status has been established forthe exchange operator of digital financial assets and for the operator of the information system in which digital financial assets are issued.The article describes the legal requirements for such participants in the cryptomarket, which are established to protect consumers from fraud and mismanagement. Particular attention is paid to the legal regulation of the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrencies, which the law names as digital currencies. Digital currency is not recognised as a legal means of payment in Russia.It can only be issued and circulated using the Russian information infrastructure.Based on the analysis of the new law, it is concluded that the Russian monetary authorities are not interested in establishing a complete and clear legal framework for participants in the cryptomarket.Their new initiatives aim to tighten regulation of the circulation of digital financial assets, especially digital currency.


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Larisa Sannikova

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