Dollar, Cryptocurrency, Gold — Different Fates in One Bunch
Dollar, Cryptocurrency, Gold — Different Fates in One Bunch
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The role and place of cryptocurrencies and traditional money in modern monetary system is considered. An interpretation of cryptocurrencies is presented as specific tokens which may be implemented to transfer money and some other operations. The technology of blockchain is evaluated as having good prospects for wide implementation in different industries of the economy. The merits and defects of ICO (Initial coin offering) are considered. ICO is treated as a new method of attracting investments for business projects. Attention is drawn to the emerging of a new sector in modern economy and finance based on civil organization principles. Nevertheless the necessity of legal support of this sector development is stressed. The prospect for interaction of cryptocurrencies and traditional money is estimated. Also the role of gold is confirmed as a special commodity able to be implemented for various destinations. It is confirmed that the future monetary system will be created during interaction of existing credit money with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
Об авторах
Mikhail Portnoy
Head of the Center for Foreign Economic Research
Institute for US and Canadian Studies of the RAS (Moscow, Russia)

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