U.S. Policy Towards the Moderate Syrian Opposition
U.S. Policy Towards the Moderate Syrian Opposition
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The article is devoted to the U.S. relations with the political opposition in Syria during the civil war. Consequences of foreign involvement in this conflict made American influence much more limited. Neither dipping into the civil war nor the conflict with regional powers and Russia were appropriate for Obama`s administration. So the American influence on the Syrian opposition began to decline. Moreover, Bashar Assad`s rivalries started to suffer from American inaction. Syrian regime got the opportunity to act with impunity. It led to the heavy losses among the moderate Syrian opposition. Therefore U.S. ability to influence on Syrian conflict declined drastically. But American forces haven't withdrawal from Syria yet despite all declarations of President Trump. By the time, conflict dragged on and turned into a «proxy war» between regional powers. So it has a potential to grow into the large military conflict, which can involve Russia and United States. Thus it`s need to work out a way to resolve civil conflict. A key aspect in this «road map» should be US cooperation with the moderate Syrian opposition. United States can legitimize the moderate opposition in the eyes of Syrian people. First of all, it should be united structure of High Negotiations Committee and National Front of Liberation. United States should bring together representatives of both organizations on the Syrian territory and ensure their security. Then it would be started a three-stages plan of transitional process. Its basis was formulated by High Negotiation Committee in September 2016. The proposed scenario does not guarantee success. However, its need to seek a way for revival the multilateral diplomatic process in terms of escalation of the conflict and the risk of direct confrontation between the regional powers in Syria.

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Andrey Yevseenko
Research Fellow, Academic Secretary
Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies Russian Academy of Sciences

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