Tile grid maps and their application in Russia
Tile grid maps and their application in Russia
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The article deals with the development of a new popular thematic direction in the visualization of geographic data, known as “Tile Grid Maps” (or “Mosaic Cartograms”). In tile maps, map spaces are given the same size and shape — a square or a hexagon — and they are arranged to approximate their geographical position in the real world. It is discussed what tile grid mapping is, its content and methodological approaches is explained. It is also noted that the “tile map” is more a geographical scheme (a type of cartogram) than a geographical map. Tile Grid Maps can be applied to any country, a group of countries (e. g. EU), or any internal region of a country. It is a type of cross between a table and a typical map. It proved to be in demand by both authors and readers in this mixed style. The author discusses the positive and negative aspects of such maps. Tile maps have an advantage over classical cartograms and choropleth maps due to potentially greater information content. Tile maps also allow avoiding visual imbalance inherent in traditional choropleth map. The author proposes an index for assessing the quality of tile maps and describes some emergence and formation problems of a new research direction in Russia. In 2017, a competition was held for the best Tile Grid Map of Russia. The article includes discussion of some of the presented projects. Recommendations for mapping are given. In particular, it is suggested mapping with reference to the turning points of the border of a real country. The author offers his own version of the Tile Grid Map of Russia and its automation in Excel program.

Об авторах
Aleksei Elatskov
Senior lecturer
Department of Regional Policy and Political Geography, Saint Petersburg State University

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