Philosopher’s Language as Mirrored in a Dictionary (A Lexicographic Description of the Authorial Terminology of Nikolai Fedorov)
Philosopher’s Language as Mirrored in a Dictionary (A Lexicographic Description of the Authorial Terminology of Nikolai Fedorov)
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The article contains a description of the dictionary project, within which a descriptive lexicographic method is applied to the language and authorial terminology system employed by philosopher Nikolai F. Fedorov (Fyodorov), whose teaching is considered to be a fountainhead of the Russian Cosmism. The work on the dictionary is well in progress; it aims to display particularities of Fedorov’s terminological system and to uncover primary mechanisms of authorial philosophical term coinage. Here, the dictionary, where authorial philosophic terms serve as entries, is accounted for by means of textual base, core glossary, and the microstructure of the upcoming volume(s). Sample dictionary articles are presented.

Об авторах
Natalia Kozlovskaya
Institute for Linguistic Studies of the RAS

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