On a History of the 20th Century Russian Literature. The Interwar Period
On a History of the 20th Century Russian Literature. The Interwar Period
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This paper attempts to define a general conceptual framework for the description of the principles of development of Russian literature of the inter-war period, focusing particularly on the dialectics between “identity“ and “otherness“ in cultural evolution, that is, between elements of continuity and intimations of the emergence of new, often sudden and traumatic, configurations. The point where this “double segmentation“ intersects is where each literary phenomenon is configured as a ring connecting various lines of development, each of which, in its turn, stands in a complex correlation with the world of historical relationships, that is, with the series of socio-economic factors.

The above-mentioned dialectics of development is characterized by the following discontinuities: the shift from the late-Imperial cultural paradigm to the proto-Soviet one; the ongoing fragmentation of Russian literature in three subsystems or “half-literatures“ (official, underground, and that of emigrés), none of which seems to possess the functional traits which are usually ascribed to a “normal“ literary system. The definition of a possible general paradigm which can subsume the three “half-literatures“ is also the only way to define the ways in which a departure from that paradigm has been achieved, that is, the birth of a new conceptual framework (with its difficulties and tensions) within which literature has developed after the Second World War. 

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Guido Carpi
University of Naples “L'Orientaleˮ

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