Medical Prescription as a Microtext of A. P. Chekhov’s Prose and Drama (Based on His Notebooks)
Medical Prescription as a Microtext of A. P. Chekhov’s Prose and Drama (Based on His Notebooks)
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The article is based on the material of the writer's notebooks, and primarily on the material of the recently published  Chekhov’s “Notebook Containing Medical Prescriptions”. The text of this notebook let us clarify some passages from Chekhov's prose and drama. Special attention is paid to the symbolism of Chekhov's prescriptions, which, as noted by A. P. Chudakov, is generally inherent in the writer's “ordinary objects of the household environment”. Chekhov’s stories “From the Diary of the Assistant Accountant” and “Means from a Binge”, his tale “The Duel”, his plays “Fatherless”, “Seagull”, and “Three Sisters” are touched upon in the article. As far as Chekhov’s drama is concerned it is possible to speak not only about the symbolism of such microtexts, but about its optional “implications”, or its cryptographical character.

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Sergej A. Kibalnik
Institute of Russian Literature

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