Conspiracy and Autoimmune Suicide: September 11, 2001 Twenty Years Later
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Conspiracy and Autoimmune Suicide: September 11, 2001 Twenty Years Later
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The article analyzes the political and psychological foundations of "conspiracy theories" in the mass consciousness on the example of interpretations of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. The prerequisites and reasons for the emergence of "9-11" conspiratorial theories in American and global politics in the 1990s and the early 2000s, are considered. In this context, the article examines the ideas of Jacques Derrida that formed the basis of his book "Philosophy in the Age of Terror"; in particular, ршы idea of a specific phenomenon, the so-called "autoimmune suicide". 

Об авторах
Dragan Kuyundzhich
Professor at the Center for Jewish Studies
University of Florida

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